Blog: Bye Cloudflare – New Plans for the Website

Published on 12.02.2023

Hey, as you may know I host this website @home and only use Cloudflare to protect my private internet access.

But that will change. I found a very cheap VPS (for only 2€/Month) to do hosting myself in the future.

So then the data will still be kept at my home, but the reverse proxying (to hide our ip) and some kind of caching will be managed by this VPS.

Currently you can use to access the site without cloudflare, but when I have time again i'll move everything to the main domain and introduce some kind of caches.

Fun Fact: the website will redirect to us, because the domain still has our new IP in the Records, probably because they used the same provider.

So thanks for the free backlinks I guess :).

So yes, new possibilities. Also I'll scrap SendInBlue (they're also baad), and use a own MailServer, so yes be ready for new stuff...