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Incidents on 18 December (incidents)

Published on 18.12.2022

At around 1:00 the Website was returning 500 errors. Reason: An incorrectly configured automatic-update-system, updated the PHP version, without updating it in the webserver config. After that, it uninstalled various PHP modules from the current, older PHP version, e.g. the database connection modu…

Privacy at TimedIn (personal)

Published on 13.12.2022

I recently dived deep into the topic of privacy and completely changed my online life (bye bye Apple). So what about privacy on this website etc. Firstly, we never sell or provide third parties any data, we use no analytics (Google Analytics etc.) or Ads, for analytics we only store the anonymize…

Welcome to the TimedIn Blog (other)

Published on 12.12.2022

A blog is being developed here... More Content soon…

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