Blog: Privacy at TimedIn

Published on 13.12.2022

I recently dived deep into the topic of privacy and completely changed my online life (bye bye Apple).

So what about privacy on this website etc.

Firstly, we never sell or provide third parties any data, we use no analytics (Google Analytics etc.) or Ads, for analytics we only store the anonymized referrer without any additional data, for reach measurement. We only use session-cookies for logins and security.

We strictly decide on what to embed on our pages (never using any Google-Services) Currently, we only embed service for the browser-analysis and hCaptcha for captchas. Anything else is served by our servers.

One privacy concern we're facing right now is the Cloudflare-Proxy and Cloudflare-Email we're using, as we have no control over any data collected and possibly shared with third parties by Cloudflare. We trust Cloudflare to handle your data safely, but are searching for alternatives (ideas to

We can't go without any CDN or Third-Party Proxy as we are running a low-cost server with limited resources and bandwidth, so we need protection and caching provided by it.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding our websites and services, send us a mail to